Thursday, September 5, 2019

E98- Ruthless Aggression Era Tournament Trilogy

WWE Pro Wrestling Talk 9/5/19.…We kick things off with a fun Gimmick Segment this week...Impossible Question: Desert Island Edition...If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have the catalog of work of one wrestler for entertainment....Who would it be?

Then in our main event we continue our Tournament Trilogy...This week heading back to the Ruthless Aggression Era...The King of the Ring can be used to create a new star or give an established guy a new, fresh look...And we may see the best example of this of all time in the RA Era...

Then since KOTR disappeared during the heart of Wes' RA Era...We are fantasy booking an Ruthless Aggression King of the Ring tournament...Who makes the field and who is walking away with the crown?

Then we close things out by catching up on the 2019 KOTR tournament and discussing the big week for Bayley....

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Intro/Outro music by Gyom

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