Thursday, August 29, 2019

E97- Attitude Era Tournament Trilogy - Fiend Smark Report

WWE Attitude Era Talk 8/29/19....Back to the Attitude Era this week as week as we start a new "Tournament Trilogy"...This era showed the good and the bad of WWE tournaments as we got an example of what not to do (Brawl for All), and them being used perfectly to build new stars (King of the Ring)....

In our Gimmick Segment we react to the rumors of the Fiend being on his way to a Universal Championship Match...But after the Fiend being booked nearly perfect so far...Do we think this is too soon?

Then we finish out by giving out some Mark Out Awards and gets Chace's reaction to Sasha getting the spotlight to kick off Raw...Plus we try our best to explain the Murphy Mania that has suddenly consumed Wes after years of them being mortal enemies...

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